hey man. welcome to my one-man band of a website, where i store and catalogue a variety of things. you can call me "todd" or "kevlar" (neither are my real name!)

drawing is my favorite activity so its what i dedicate myself to. i draw my original characters, fanart, commissions, etc. i'm also what is known around on this side of the web as a "yiffsmith", which is to say i draw shitloads of furry porn not out of 'necessity' but because i love doing it.

so yeah. i'm an artist. i do this for a living so this means i get to live a comfortable if modest life doing what i love most on earth. which is great but it comes under the condition that i'll have to fight the demons for the rest of my life. so i can't really afford a psychiatrist, but i can afford time for hobbies that will soothe my soul. i have a lot of thoughts about things but i was cursed with the shoddiest memory known to man, so this website was born to keep tabs on everything.

Favorites & Interests

as is self evident from glancing at some of my content, i love mid-late 20th century history and obsolete tech from that period. i also like researching space history and paleontology in my own time as a hobby.

GAMES: Pathologic, Bioshock, Metal Gear, Inscryption, Fallout (sometimes), some management games and a lot of survival sims.

MUSIC: IDM. Now hear me out. i know what youre thinking. This guy thinks his dance music is INTELLIGENT, you cry. He's gonna lecture us about how music is math and shit! but listen to me. i wasnt the one who picked the name for the genre and its not my fault i imprinted on aphex twin at the tender age of 15. my worst crime here is having my soul be soothed by the wet synth melodies of white men from decades past.
not entirely unrelated but my favorite song is music is math.

WEB: Neopets, Homestuck, archival, web revival. venturing into coding!